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AI Unbounded: Multiplying the Collective Intelligence of Humanity
Building and Deploying Java Client Desktop Applications With JDK 21 and Beyond
Clean as You Code: Elevating Software Quality through Continuous Code Improvement
Closing the Developer Experience Gap of your Container Platforms
Data Across the Wasm Boundary – A Practical Evaluation of the Current State of the Art
Empowering Growth: The Art of Harnessing Your Mentor's Expertise as a Senior Developer
Everything everywhere all at once; managing interruptions and surprises
Everything new in Spring Security 6 baked with a Spring Boot 3 recipe
Explainable AI Analysis Visualization: Applications from Brain Computer Interfaces to ChatGPT
Explaining QUIC: the protocol that is both very similar to and very different from TCP
How sand and Java are used to create the world’s most powerful chips
Java Meets AI: A Hands-On Guide to Building LLM-Powered Applications with LangChain4j
Java Patterns and Practices for Serverless Applications
Narrative Engineering: Unleashing the Power of Storytelling in Software Development
Open standards for building event-driven applications in the cloud
OpenTelemetry and Continuous Feedback - Things you need to know about your Java code at runtime
Practical Pipelines: A Houseplant Soil Alerting System with ksqlDB
Quantum Computing in Java: an exceptionential opportunity
Quarkus 3: The Road to Loom for Cheaper, Faster, and Easier Concurrent Applications
The Great Divergence - The Widening Gap between Industry and University Java
The Panama Dojo: Black-Belt Programming with Java 21 and the FFM API
Tradeoffs, Bad Science, and Polar Bears – The World of Java Optimisation
Unleashing the power of Angular: Navigating the latest releases and transformations
Unlocking the Potential of Bits and Bytes: Reducing Data Footprint for Cost and Eco-Efficiency