Embracing Imposter Syndrome [OVERFLOW]
Keynote (BEGINNER level)
Room 9

Have you ever looked around a room and thought, everyone here knows more than me? Entered a race knowing that you'll be one of the last to finish? What about looking at a developer conference schedule that you are speaking at and had to Google half the words? Sometimes it’s not imposter syndrome, sometimes you are an imposter but why should that hold you back? Let’s accept it and see what we can achieve.
Dom Hodgson
Little Warden
Dom Hodgson is co-founder of Little Warden a SaaS monitoring application but that's a bit tedious for a speaker Bio so let's make it a bit more interesting, Dom Hodgson has done over 50 half marathons (but hates running), Has won hackdays around the world, once owned a sweet shop and every year covers his house & garden in over 35,000 LEDs for a Christmas light show to raise money for a Children's Hospice.