WebGPU is the successor to WebGL that brings the advancements of modern graphics APIs to the web. It is designed to be fast, portable, and easy to use. 
In this talk, we will introduce WebGPU and show how it can be used to create high-performance graphics applications and perform data-parallel computation on the web and native platforms. We will also discuss the future of WebGPU.
This talk is aimed at developers who are interested in learning about WebGPU and how to use it. No prior experience with WebGPU is required.
François Beaufort
François Beaufort, Developer Program Engineer at Google
François loves to dive into open source code to understand how things work in web browsers.
Corentin Wallez
Corentin is the co-chair of the WebGPU standardization group since it was created and also leads the implementation of WebGPU in Chromium. Before that he grew up in the hills of Pechabou and worked on other GPU technologies for the Web.