Containers and functions have swiftly emerged as the go-to deployment units for developers globally, with the public cloud being the platform of choice for its evident advantages. However, when delving into the myriad of options presented by cloud providers, the abundance can be overwhelming for developers striving to find the optimal solution for their specific needs. In this session, we will comprehensively explore all available AWS container and serverless options, aiming to simplify and guide your selection process based on your unique requirements
Niccolo Giulianelli
Arhs Spikeseed
Niccolo is a Senior Cloud Architect boasting over a decade of experience in the realm of public cloud. Beginning his journey as a developer, he swiftly evolved into roles as a system engineer, IT architect, and ultimately, a cloud architect over the past 15 years. Passionate about distributed systems, containers, and DevOps, Niccolo has been a key figure for businesses navigating their digital transformations. His primary focus is on assisting developers in achieving their goals by simplifying infrastructure and cloud developments, all with the aim of accelerating the path from idea to tangible value.