In this talk we will dive into the architecture and implementation of JetBrains AI – the backbone of AI Assistant in JetBrains IDEs, Grazie, and other JetBrains products.
The JetBrains AI platform covers a broad range of functionality, from coding to writing assistance. We will discuss both JetBrains’s own models and the caveats of integration with some well-known LLM providers. We will also shed light on inference techniques used in JetBrains AI products.
Vladislav Tankov
Team Lead of the JetBrains AI and Grazie projects at JetBrains
Vladislav created the Grazie product and the platform that has recently morphed into JetBrains AI – both from scratch. He has diverse experience in backend, frontend, and DevOps and is the creator of Kotless – a serverless framework for Kotlin and other open-source libraries.