Observability is a set of techniques and tools used to enhance our understanding of complex IT systems. It is more important than ever that we run our software in the cloud, building it based on microservice concepts and tons of third party components and services. Observability helps by adding an additional perspective on top of classic monitoring systems. OpenTelemetry is currently the most vibrant and dynamic attempt to standardize observability with open standard and open source implementation of that standard. Let’s look at observability and OpenTelemetry from a Java perspective. What capabilities are available? How to start? What's next?
Andrzej Kubik
  • Born in Zywiec, South of Poland 
  • Got interested in electronics and computers at the age of 9, educating myself until high school. The only 2 books I had access to were about basic computer architecture and programing in Pascal 
  • Graduated from Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland with engineering and Master of Science degrees. 
  • Started professional work on my second year of university as IT support and quickly expanded to IT networks and solution design quickly followed by first steps in software engineering (Delphi, Java
  • Lead my first team before I have graduated and soon I decided to focus on software engineering and started working for Motorola. Got fascinated with applications of technology in public safety.
  • First Network Management solutions for land mobile radio systems (first time to use Splunk products). Later cloud based solutions around video streaming and digital evidence
  • Finally decided to switch hats and become product manager to combine technology background with business aspects.
  • I love to spend quality active time with my family (wife and two sons) doing all kind of outdoor activities 
  • Passionate about sailing on any type of water, preparing for the Ocean 
  • Skiing, Cooking, always keen on learning something new