Are you ready to demystify LangChain? In this session we will cover a comprehensive introduction to LangChain for beginners, where we deep-dive into the 7 core concepts and 9 primary use cases for building innovative applications with language models.
Your instructor, Greg Kamradt, will take you on a tour of the AI landscape, unpacking how LangChain components map to real world applications.
Armed with hands-on code samples and a companion LangChain Cookbook, you'll walk away with a AI 101 understanding to kick off your first AI projects. In addition to that a full list of 100+ examples of AI projects will be shared.
Whether you're a curious newbie or a seasoned explorer seeking clarity, this session will elevate your LangChain proficiency and ignite creativity.
Greg Kamradt
Greg has mentored thousands of developers and founders, empowering them to build AI-centric applications.
By crafting tutorial-based content, Greg aims to guide everyone from seasoned builders to ambitious indie hackers. Some of his popular work: 'Introduction to LangChain Part 1Part 2' (+145K views) and 'How To Question A Book' featuring Pinecone (+115K Views).
Greg partners with companies during their product launches, feature enhancements, and funding rounds. His objective is to cultivate not just awareness, but also a practical understanding of how to optimally utilize a company's tools.
He previously led Growth @ Salesforce for Sales & Service Clouds in addition to being early on at Digits, a FinTech Series-C company.