Rock, Paper, Scissor, Computer Vision, ML!

Mind the Geek

The goal of this session is to leverage computer vision, machine learning and Java to modernize the casual 'Rock, Paper, Scissor' game. It starts with a (gentle) introduction to computer vision. Those newly learned skills will then be used to implement the necessary hand gesture recognition with OpenCV. The presentation concludes by spicing up the game to contrast and compare computer vision with machine learning. What are the benefits (and limitations) of CV vs. ML? Can CV complements ML? And don’t worry, even though computer vision and machine learning are sometimes very academic topics, this session will be fun and very hands-on....literally!

Machine Learning
Computer Vision

David Delabassée


David is a Developer Advocate in the Java Platform Group at Oracle. Prior to that, he was involved in Oracle’s Serverless initiatives. David has also been heavily involved in Java EE 8 and its transition to the Eclipse Foundation as part of the Jakarta EE initiative. Over the years, David has championed Java extensively throughout the world, by presenting at conferences and user groups, large and small. He blogs at and has authored many technical articles for various publications. David lives in Belgium. In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games with his daughter and tinkering with technologies such as domotics, electronics, and pinballs.

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