During this workshop we will teach how to create Roblox games integrated with a Java / Quarkus backend to manage teams, quiz, coding challenges and also cool integrations with IoT sensors, musical instruments using Fast Fourier Transform with Java / and also camera with AI to detect objects in the real players.
We will explain the basics of Roblox development and show detailed architecture and challenges we have integrating Roblox with AWS Cloud. All the code is available to anyone that want to create your own game, demos for booths and amazing integration between virtual world and real world and vice-versa.
All the participant will create:
  • A Roblox game with quiz and coding challenge
  • A Quarkus backend to manage quiz / teams / other data in a noSQL database
  • Deployment backend in AWS Lambda with AWS DynamoDB and Amazon Codewhisperer
  • Optional: Test FFT integration with
  • Optional: use camera with AI to recognize objects in real players (if the player is wearing a hat, then the avatar inside the game wear a hat)
  • AWS Temporary Accounts will be provided - "all you can eat" accounts for 12 hours.
Daniel Oh
Red Hat
Daniel Oh is Java Champion and Senior Principal Developer Advocate at Red Hat. He works to evangelize building cloud-native microservices and serverless functions with cloud-native runtimes to developers. He also continues to contribute to various open-source cloud projects and ecosystems as a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) ambassador for accelerating hybrid cloud platform adoption in a variety of enterprises. Daniel also speaks at technical seminars, workshops, and meetups to elaborate on new emerging technologies for enterprise developers, SREs, platform engineers, and DevOps teams.
Kevin Azijn
Amazon Web Services
Kevin Azijn is a Senior Solutions Architect and Team Lead at Amazon Web Services (AWS), working for the Public Sector in Benelux. He started as a Java Developer more than 15 years ago and rolled into mobile development, DevOps and managing teams before joining AWS in 2019
Vinicius Senger
Amazon Web Services
Vinicius Senger is a developer, inventor, and technical speaker working for AWS in California in the Global Specialist Team as a Senior Developer Advocate for Java. He started developing software at just 8 years old and never stopped accumulating 30 years of work in the IT area. Founder of Globalcode and The Developers Conference, Vinicius was considered top 20 influencer in IoT development, Java Champion winning two Duke's Choice Award in California for innovation projects in automation, robotics, boats, houses, helmets and many others. Since 2017 at AWS, he has been working with Java, IoT, Serverless, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and traveling around the world promoting open-source technologies and AWS services.