The Kamelets technology provides an easy way to import events from the outside world into your event-driven application: they are general-purpose Open Source connectors from the Apache Camel ecosystem that are ready to use within eventing applications built on top of Kafka or Knative for instance. 
With the power of Apache Camel that provides 300+ Open Source components including many connectors to external services like AWS, MQTT, Twitter, Google Mail, and many more Kamelets tremendously widen the number of available event sources. 
No matter what technology you choose to write your event-driven applications (like Quarkus, Spring Boot) you will benefit from all those Kamelet event sources and sinks. Extending the Kamelet catalog and writing a custom event source/sink is as easy as writing a simple YAML file.
This presentation explains how to use Kamelets and connect them to your applications. You will learn to discover Kamelets from a catalog, and how to deploy and manage them along with your event-driven application. In a live demo, we will see the combination of Kamelets, Quarkus and eventing in action. Get ready and join the Camel caravan to connect the world to your event-driven applications!
Christoph Deppisch
Red Hat
Christoph is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat working on Middleware application integration services with Apache Camel and Camel K. He has worked in enterprise integration projects for over a decade and has gained special interest in test automation for distributed and even-driven solutions. Christoph is the creator of the Open Source test frameworks Citrus and YAKS and believes in automated integration testing with passion.