How to create a test architecture for web test automation

Front End

Automating tests on a web front end is not the most important level in the test automation pyramid, but it is critical from a user perspective. If it is not done with minimal architecture and good use of software engineering practices, we will have a lot of maintenance and abandonment of tests in this layer. A test architecture using Selenium WebDriver with the Page Object model; some design patterns; parallel execution for multiple browsers, using containers that can auto-scale and support a large test suite; and putting all this together in a test pipeline may be a good strategy for smashing the bugs and maintaining the high quality of your application. Learn more in this session.

Best Practices

Elias Nogueira


Elias is one of the software engineer 's that love puta high quality into any applications. Help people and companies to deliver high-quality software end-to-end. He loves talking about the importance of testing in the earlier stages with developers and testers and with non-technical people to show the benefits of a development focusing on quality. He maintains all activities recorded on

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