The Home Automation space is huge, full of jargon and is certainly a disjointed union Internet of Things. Come join Dan as he helps us make sense of Home Automation as we walk through his array of Home Automation experiments, discussing what's worked and what's not. How to not be cold, but also not poor. How to not walk in the dark, bit still not wake the baby. How to make your home smart enough to make your life easier, but not dumb enough to lock you out if your internet connection goes down.
We'll be discussing technology stacks and vendors, protocols and integrations, off-the-shelf and build-your-own. By the end of this talk, hopefully you'll be up for giving something new a go, but in any case, hopefully be entertained by my stories of success and mostly comical failure along the way!
Dan Hardiker
Dan is a technologist who has been working in industry for over 30 years. With a passion for tech, strategy and leadership, Dan has embraced constantly learning and sharing knowledge through conference speaking around the world. Currently working for Weaver, improving productivity in the construction industry, as well as mentoring / advising CTO and startups.