Running Spring Boot applications as GraalVM native images

Server Side Java

In this talk, Sébastien will share the latest status of the ongoing work performed by the Spring team to allow running Spring Boot applications as GraalVM native images for instant startup and low memory consumption.

He will talk about the out-of-the-box native image setup developed in the upcoming Spring Framework 5.3, demonstrate various Spring Boot applications running as native images and give an overview about how much of the JVM ecosystem is ready for such native runtime.

This will also be an opportunity for a pragmatic comparison between regular OpenJDK, GraalVM Community Edition and GraalVM Enterprise Edition with concrete figures.

Spring Boot
Spring Framework 5

S├ębastien Deleuze


S├ębastien is a Spring Framework committer at Pivotal, with a focus on Web, Reactive and GraalVM native image topics. He is also in charge of the Kotlin support across Spring portfolio and created the Spring Fu project. In his spare time, he is a member of the MiXiT conference staff.

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