Ready for a deep dive into the world's most challenging programming paradigm? Reactive programming can simplify asynchronous and event-driven applications, but without a strong understanding, it can lead to frustration, recurring patchwork, missed deadlines, and costly bugs.
In this intensive three-hour session, we'll transition a traditional Spring application to WebFlux, revealing patterns and anti-patterns when working with repositories, REST APIs, queues, and legacy libraries. You'll gain a clear understanding of often overlooked but critical aspects like subscribe signal, errors, cancellation, and signal loss. As a bonus, we'll debate the future of Reactive vs Virtual Threads, production-ready in Java 21.
This session is crucial for developers already working with reactive programming or those intending to make the leap.
Victor Rentea
Victor is a Java Champion with two decades of experience, passionate about architecture, refactoring, and unit testing. He’s the founder of the world’s largest developer community on these topics: European Software Crafters. Today Victor helps companies throughout Europe raise the bar via consultancy and intense training workshops. You can find dozens of past conference talks, a blog, and his training offer on