Testing is fundamental in software development. Quality gates demand high coverage levels, pull requests need sufficient tests, leading to teams spending considerable time writing and maintaining them. But are we using our tests to their full potential?
'If code is hard to test, the design can be improved'. Starting from this mantra, this deep-dive session unveils hints to simplify code, break-down complexity, and effectively use functional programming. We'll delve into topics like fixture creep, partial mocks, onion architecture, and pure functions, providing numerous best practices and practical tips for your testing.
Be warned: This session may significantly disrupt your work routine and will likely change how you see testing. Attend at your own risk.
Victor Rentea
Victor is a Java Champion with two decades of experience, passionate about architecture, refactoring, and unit testing. He’s the founder of the world’s largest developer community on these topics: European Software Crafters. Today Victor helps companies throughout Europe raise the bar via consultancy and intense training workshops. You can find dozens of past conference talks, a blog, and his training offer on