Semantic Kernel is a library for combining multiple AI services and native code. By leveraging OpenAI and the Semantic Kernel SDK for Java, Game Masters (GMs) can revolutionize their campaigns, assisting with retrieving long forgotten facts about the game world, keeping track of events and catching cheating players using too many spells. This intelligent system empowers DMs with interactive storytelling, dynamic character interactions, and real-time decision support. The integration of the Semantic Kernel SDK allows combining multiple AI, storage services and custom native code to enabling comprehensive campaign management of intricate storylines, and we will demonstraight how easy it is to add powerful new features quickly that can be integrated into the existing features.
John Oliver
John has been working in Java for over 20 years, working on performance tooling, delivering a number of performance tuning products including garbage collection parsers and machine learning based performance diagnostic tools. He is currently working at Microsoft delivering performance tooling along with other Java products.
He also works at the Adoptium project supporting delivering OpenJDK binaries.
Bruno Borges
Greetings, I’m Bruno, a Brazilian living in Vancouver, Canada. I’m a Product Manager at Microsoft. We help Microsoft internal teams and Azure customers to optimize Java workloads for better performance and lower cost. We also ship the Microsoft Build of OpenJDK. Before that I was on Azure DevRel, a Cloud Developer Engagement PM at Oracle, and a Java developer at heart. But most importantly, I'm opinionated!