Are you a Java developer navigating the complexities of Kubernetes? Look no further! Join this session, as we will explore the dynamic duo of Devspace and Skaffold, from the perspective of a Java developer.
Whether you crave live coding, efficient dependency handling, or effortless debugging, this talk will immerse you in streamlined Java development in Kubernetes. We will start with a Java application using the latest features of JDK 21 and will integrate it with Devspace and Skaffold. We'll examine their capabilities for faster iterations and smoother deployments by looking at how each handles: continuous development, dependency management, debugging, hot reload, build configurations, rollbacks, and many more.
Say goodbye to tedious setups and hello to simplified Java development in Kubernetes!
Ana-Maria Mihalceanu
Ana is a Java Champion Alumni, Developer Advocate for the Java Platform Group at Oracle, guest author of the book "DevOps tools for Java Developers", and a constant adopter of challenging technical scenarios involving Java-based frameworks and multiple cloud providers. She actively supports technical communities' growth through knowledge sharing and enjoys curating content for conferences as a program committee member. To learn more about/from her, follow her on Twitter @ammbra1508.