Join us for a detailed overview of the current state of generative AI, providing valuable insights for developers, researchers, and tech enthusiasts interested in the practical applications of this rapidly-evolving field. We'll cover the state of the art in generative AI tools, models, and AI agents across various mediums – from text and code, to images, videos, and music.
We'll discuss the operational principles of noteworthy AI models and agents, including those from OpenAI, detailing how they interpret and manipulate data to generate diverse outputs. Further, we will delve into the latest techniques used in generative AI, shedding light on cutting-edge methods in machine learning and deep learning.
This talk will also include an analysis of the present-day applications and potential of these technologies, demonstrating their real-world utility across multiple sectors. Expect a comprehensive overview of the state of generative AI, designed to equip you with the understanding necessary to contribute to, and navigate, this fast-paced domain.
Natalie Pistunovich
Natalie Pistunovich is a learner, a Google Developer Expert for Go, an OpenAI Developer Ambassador, a public speaker and a sailor. When she’s not working on robust systems with Aerospike, she is organizing the conferences: GopherCon Europe, Cloud Nein, HeyAI and BSides Berlin, and the Berlin chapters of the Go and Women Techmakers user groups. Prior to that, she was an Engineering Manager, Software and Hardware Engineer, and a Co-Founder of a mobile start-up. In her free time, she is wondering if there is life on Mars.