Vert.x, Cassandra, Gatling, Twitter, Apple: all these softwares and websites renowned for their high traffic performance share one thing in common.
They stand on the shoulders of the same giant: Netty (
Netty is the #1 IO framework for the JVM, yet, it's not widely known and is perceived as very low-level specialists-only.
This talk will let you discover the different strategies Netty has implemented to achieve such amazing performance: allocations, native libs, micro-optimizations, context switching, etc.
This talk will also include a demo of how you can use Netty to easily build a simple micro-service capable of handling hundreds of thousands of requests per second.
St├ęphane has been a passionate Java and Scala developer for 20 years.
He's been contributing to open-source projects for more than a decade, including Netty, scala-maven-plugin and of course Gatling, the load test tool he created.
He's now the CTO of Gatling, the company, but still enjoys coding, solving complex issues and optimizing systems and algorithms.