In the past few years GraalVM got widely adopted in the Java ecosystem, and now it's hard to imagine starting a new project, especially for the cloud, without at least considering going native. However, taking a new technology to production requires research and preparation. What is the best way to build and deploy such native executables? Once deployed, how can I monitor them? Can I test them as I do with regular Java applications? What if startup is less important, how do I optimize for peak performance and latency? How do I use frameworks and libraries?
This deep dive will cover all these topics and include examples for each. We'll also reserve plenty of time for questions – bring them all!
Alina Yurenko
Alina is a developer advocate for GraalVM at Oracle Labs, a research & development organization at Oracle. Loves both programming & natural languages, compilers, and open source.
Fabio Niephaus
Oracle Labs
Fabio Niephaus is a researcher on the GraalVM project at Oracle Labs and focuses on the developer experience and tools for GraalVM. His research interests include developer tools, programming languages, and virtual machines.