MicroProfile BOF

Server Side Java

This BOF session is a discussion with Eclipse MicroProfile community members about recent developments in the project, such as the release of 2.2 or 3.x, the future vision, and the current state of some areas that might become specifications for the project. These include GraphQL, concurrency, and reactive support, among others.

Come hear firsthand from those in the community about what has been going on and what’s coming up.

Get your voice and opinions heard! If you want to get connected with the community, this is a good opportunity to meet several influential MicroProfile contributors.

Scheduled on Wednesday from 20:00 to 21:00 (Europe/Brussels) in BOF 1

Cloud Native Java
Community Networking

Emily Jiang


Emily Jiang is Java Champion. She is Senior MicroProfile lead and has been working on MicroProfile since 2016 and leads the specifications of MicroProfile Config, Fault Tolerance and Service Mesh. She is CDI Expert Group member. She works for IBM as Liberty Architect for MicroProfile and CDI. Based at IBM's Hursley laboratory in the UK, she has worked on the WebSphere Application Server since 2006 and is heavily involved in Java EE implementation in Liberty releases. She regularly speaks at conferences, such as Code One, DevNexus, JAX London, Voxxed, Devoxx US, Devoxx Belgium, Devoxx UK, Devoxx France, EclipseCon, etc. Follow her on Twitter @emilyfhjiang.

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