Do you want to improve the performance of your code while reducing its carbon footprint? Do you want to design your application considering emissions?
Join us on a hands-on ride to learn some tips & tricks that will improve your architecture and code toward more sustainable applications. In this talk, we'll discover the importance of carbon awareness and green IT. Brace yourself as we unveil a wide-variety of carbon-aware solutions, ranging from high-level strategies to practical to hands-on examples of writing high-performant green code.
Whether you're a performance enthusiast or a green advocate, this talk will help you develop the skills to make IT greener and write code that's both performant and sustainable.
Marc Cortada Bertomeu
ING Belgium
Marc is a software engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the IT sector. Polyglot in programming languages and databases. Currently working at ING as a software engineer in fraud and cybersecurity and collaborating at the Online University of Catalonia as an associated teacher of the subject “Architecture of non-traditional databases”. He also had the opportunity to lead teams paying close attention on knowledge sharing.
He owns two open source packages related to data access with more than 89k downloads in
He has academical background as a Software Engineer and also in organization management. He got certified as a C# developer and as a MongoDB (2.6) Developer Associate.
Alexandru-Madalin Ghenea
ING Belgium
Alexandru-Madalin Ghenea is software engineer with over 7 years of work experience in the IT field.
He did a Bachelor's in Computers and Information Technology and continued studies with a focus on security by doing a Master's in Computer Science - Secure Software.
Alexandru worked as a research assistant, consultant, and software engineer, gaining experience in a broad range of IT fields.