Testing strategies for modern software architectures are evolving. As we transition from monolithic structures to team-sized microservices with crisp APIs aligned to bounded contexts, we encounter more stable testing surfaces. This shift leads many high-performing teams to favor integration tests over fine-grained, brittle unit tests. These integration tests, which are closer to the functional requirements, prove more trustworthy and are more resilient to internal refactoring, though they may come with a higher cost. In a vivid and engaging style, this talk addresses the primary challenges of integration testing in the microservices era: cognitive overload, test isolation, and test execution speed. Join the testing revolution and discover how to enhance your team's testing efficiency and effectiveness.
Victor Rentea
Victor is a Java Champion with two decades of experience, passionate about architecture, refactoring, and unit testing. He’s the founder of the world’s largest developer community on these topics: European Software Crafters. Today Victor helps companies throughout Europe raise the bar via consultancy and intense training workshops. You can find dozens of past conference talks, a blog, and his training offer on