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Server Side Java

Let's come and discuss Quarkus and the future of Cloud Native Java. Whether you are a future user, a current user, a contributor or just a curious mind. And we need to add more characters to fill up the lower limit of the description, let's go crazy! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur Quarkus elit. Fusce dictum accumsan massa quis GraalVM. Aenean nec accumsan massa, quis mui bien enim. Nunc ipsum leo, porttitor non awesomus at, vulputate sed libero. Quisque eros lacus, accumsan ut justo sed, facilisis pretium dolor. Vivamus dictum hendrerit euismod. Quisque a ante ut massa pulvinar vehicula in et dui. Aenean a sollicitudin felis, vitae mattis sapien. Integer Quarkus sollicitudin arcu quis tempus.

Scheduled on Wednesday from 19:00 to 20:00 in BOF 1

Cloud Native Java

Dimitris Andreadis

Red Hat

Dimitris has 20 years of experience in IT and he is currently Director of Engineering at Red Hat in charge of the Quarkus team. Before that he was running the WildFly / JBoss Enterprise Application Server team for several years. He also served as the JBoss AS project lead and he has been a JBoss addict and contributor from the early start-up days. He worked previously at Intracom and Motorola in the areas of NMS/OSS, designing reusable frameworks and distributed systems. Dimitris studied computer science at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens and received an M.Sc. by research from University College Dublin, Ireland.

Emmanuel Bernard

Red Hat

Emmanuel is Java Champion, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect Data at Red Hat (middleware). His work is Open Source. He is most well known for his contributions and lead of the Hibernate projects as well as his contribution to Java standards. His most recent endeavour is [Quarkus]( (A Kubernetes Native Java stack tailored for GraalVM & OpenJDK HotSpot, crafted from the best of breed Java libraries and standards). He speaks regularly at various conferences and JUGs, including JavaOne, Red Hat Summit and Devoxx. He hosts several podcasts including [Les Cast Codeurs]( You can follow him on twitter at [@emmanuelbernard]( #quarkus #debezium #infinispan #hibernate-orm #hibernate-search #hibernate-validator #hibernate-ogm #ceylon #JPA #bean-validation #lescastcodeurs

Kamesh Sampath

Red Hat India

Kamesh is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, as part of his additional role as Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat -- he actively educates on Kubernetes/OpenShift, Servicemesh, and Serverless technologies --. With a career spanning close to two decades, most of Kamesh’s career was with services industry helping various enterprise customers build Java-based solutions. Kamesh has been a contributor to Open Source projects for more than a decade and he now actively contributes to projects like Knative, Minishift, Eclipse Che, fabric8 etc., As part of his developer philosophy he strongly believes in LEARN MORE, DO MORE and SHARE MORE!

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