How we build GitHub Copilot
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 10

GitHub Copilot is an AI pair programmer that puts the collective knowledge of millions of developers right at your fingertips - in your favorite editor or IDE.

In this talk, Benny, a core team member behind GitHub Copilot, will demo how Copilot works and discuss the design principles used while creating the project. 

We’ll start by learning about the basics of the machine learning model behind Copilot. Using that as our foundation, we’ll dive into the more practical aspects of developing a tool like Copilot. What does it mean for the engineering team to provide a cohesive, easy-to-use and non-intrusive editor plugin to millions of users? How do we strike the balance between strong engineering practices and unpredictable machine learning models? How do we ensure that the performance and quality of suggestions is at the high level our users expect it to be? How does our deployment pipeline look like? And how do we even test this thing? 

Let me take you on a ride how we test Copilot across editor boundaries all the while making sure we suggest exactly the code you did intend to write. Join our flight crew and remember - Don’t fly solo.

Benjamin Muskalla

Benny (@bmuskalla) has been following his passion of building tools for improving developer productivity for the past 16 years. He is a Java Champion, has been a committer of the world-class Eclipse IDE as well as on the Gradle Build Tool. Over the years, he’s spent a lot of time building tools, frameworks, and test approaches to help his peers become more effective. TDD and API design are dear to his heart as well as working on open source software. Benny is currently working at GitHub where he helps to shape the future of coding on the GitHub Copilot team.