Top Tips for Terrible Tech Talks

Methodology & Culture

After giving and watching many technical talks, I have opinions on what makes better talks (and not). If you're interested in giving tech talks yourself, come along and get some tips (or at least some of my opinions) on how to make non-terrible talks. The talk is in three acts: I: A terrible tech talk II: An analysis of what made that talk so terrible III: A list of tips and techniques for making your content and presentation style terrific, instead. I'm required to put at least 500 characters in the description, so here's a final sentence that pushes it over the finish line.

Scheduled on Wednesday from 15:10 to 16:00 in Room 5

Audience Engagement, Presentation, Best Practices

Chet Haase


Chet is the Chief Advocate for Android at Google. He joined the Android team in 2010, led the Toolkit team for several years, and now spends his time helping developers to create better Android applications.

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