The general availability of Spring Framework 6.0 kicked off a new generation of the framework for 2023 and beyond: with a JDK 17 and Jakarta EE 9 baseline, featuring AOT processing and a general revision of the Spring web stack. Spring Framework 6.1 embraces JDK 21 and Project CRaC now and follows up with a general revision of Spring's data binding and validation facilities. This talk discusses the overall themes for the Spring Framework 6 generation, with an emphasis on the range of scale-to-zero options for common Spring web applications.
Juergen Hoeller
Juergen Hoeller is co-founder of the Spring Framework open source project and has been serving as the project lead and release manager for the core framework since 2003. Juergen is an experienced software architect and consultant with outstanding expertise in code organization, transaction management and enterprise messaging.
S├ębastien Deleuze
Spring Framework at VMware, WebAssembly since 2016, Kotlin Google Developer Expert, ex MiXiT conference staff.