Due to the lack of user focus, many container platforms have a big developer experience gap.
That's not only because building a Kubernetes platform is complex but also because deploying applications on Kubernetes requires expertise in many Container and Kubernetes concepts. And once developers learn them, they still must spend a lot of time maintaining containers, writing YAML templates, and orchestrating many moving Kubernetes parts.
Like in the days when the Waterfall model was the standard for software development, developers today shouldn’t have to care where and how their applications run and focus on adding business value by implementing new features.
In this session, we will explore some of the powerful open-source technologies available within the Kubernetes ecosystem to close the developer experience gap like Backstage, Cloud Native Buildpacks, Knative, and Cartographer.
Timo Salm
Timo Salm is based out of Stuttgart in southwest Germany and in the role of the first VMware Tanzu Solutions Engineer for Developer Experience in EMEA with a focus on VMware Tanzu Application Platform, Azure Spring Apps Enterprise, and commercial Spring products. In this role, he's responsible for educating customers on these products' value, vision, and strategy and ensuring that they succeed by working closely on different levels of abstractions of modern applications and modern infrastructure.
Before Timo joined Pivotal and VMware, he worked for more than seven years for consulting firms in the automotive industry as a software architect and full-stack developer on projects for customer-facing products.