AsyncAPI is an open-source specification for describing and documenting asynchronous APIs, similar to OpenAPI specification for documenting RESTful APIs. CloudEvents is a specification for event data in the cloud. Together, they enable developers to design, document, and test event-driven APIs and to easily share and consume event data across different cloud platforms and ecosystems.
In this session, we will explore the benefits of using AsyncAPI and CloudEvents in your tech stack, and how they can help you build asynchronous, event-driven applications that are well-documented and easy to maintain.
Mete Atamel
I’m a Software Engineer and a Developer Advocate with 18+ years of experience. Currently, I work in the Developer Relations team at Google in London. I build tools, demos, tutorials, and give talks to educate and help developers to be successful on Google Cloud. As a regular speaker at tech conferences, I have spoken over 345+ events since 2016 on modern application development topics such as Kubernetes, Istio, Knative, serverless, event-driven architectures, and microservice orchestration. Prior to my current role, I was a Software Engineer/Architect/Tech Lead at Nokia, EMC, Adobe, Skype, and Microsoft building various client and server technologies.