Blinking a LED with JBang and Pi4J on a Raspberry Pi in 15 minutes
Quickie (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 7

Ever wanted to experiment with electronic components combined with software? With Java, a Raspberry Pi, and Pi4J you can!

In this short session, we will go from zero to hero and control a LED with a single class to interact with a LED (and more?) that is connected to one of the magic pins of a Raspberry Pi.

By using JBang we don't even need to install Java, Maven, or any other tool. JBang and a text editor are all we need to create an application that can interact with the GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) pins of the Raspberry Pi to control components, read states, handle events, etc.

Frank Delporte

Frank Delporte is a Java developer and technical writer working at, blogger on and, author of "Getting started with Java on Raspberry Pi" (, and contributor to He blogs about his experiments with Java, sometimes combined with electronic components, on the Raspberry Pi.