From 'It works on my machine' to 'It was written by a machine' - GitHub Codespaces & Copilot
Tools-in-Action (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 9
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Being a developer is hard. From knowing the building blocks of programming, through to keeping on top of the latest languages and frameworks. That's before we even think about running systems in production... But at some point, we've all uttered those words 'It works on my machine'. Or, may have looked up code snippets from our favourite search engine...

What if there was a better way for both? In this demo-led session, Chris will introduce GitHub Codespaces and GitHub Copilot, explaining how they can improve your developer experience and make you even more productive!

Chris Reddington

Chris is an Enterprise Advocate at GitHub - Helping enterprises ❤️ GitHub. He has previously worked at Microsoft as a Cloud Solution Architect, and DevOps practice lead for FastTrack for Azure, setting their global DevOps strategy, readiness plan and partnering with Azure Engineering Teams on product improvement. Chris works with developers, data scientists, system admins, engineering leads and technology execs across startups and enterprises on cloud adoption and software development practices.

Chris also runs his own blogging, podcasting and content platform for the community. Check out Chris' latest work over at