Ultra-fast Java Microservices: overcome the pitfalls of data persistence
Hands-on Lab (INTERMEDIATE level)
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The persistence mechanism is the heart of most applications and microservices, although architects often happen not to give as much attention to such components. A wrong choice and design, will impact the whole system's functioning, no matter how much you scale up the service. Join this session and learn how to avoid this from happening.

In this guided lab, you'll learn tips and tricks on creating a healthier app with an increased performance by improving its relation with database persistence. 

From a Java perspective, you'll try not only more conventional options like SQL and NoSQL but also some trendy new solutions in the market like MicroStream. You'll also have hands-on experience with this open-source ultrafast in-memory data persistence storage allows queries to be up to 1000x times faster than traditional relational databases.

Elias Nogueira

Elias is an experienced IT professional with a background in software engineering, consulting, agile coach, and tech lead, currently working as Principal Engineer in Test at Backbase. He helps software engineers to develop their quality mindset and deliver bug-free software. His specialization is in Quality Engineering for backend, frontend, and mobile technologies. He's a writer, and blogger, and loves to help the community by running meetups and sharing knowledge by giving presentations around the world.

Otavio Santana

Empowering staff-plus engineers to deliver highly scalable software on the cloud lets them become influential in their companies and the market and move their technical careers to the next level.

Otavio is a passionate architect and software engineer focused on cloud and Java technologies. He has deep expertise in polyglot persistence and high-performance applications in finance, social media, and e-commerce.

As an open-source contributor, Otavio is directly involved in the Java world as an expert leader in several specifications at the Java Community Process (JCP) and the Eclipse Foundation. His work on the Apache and Eclipse Foundations helps projects such as MicroProfile and Jakarta EE to flourish. As a NoSQL expert, Otávio works with many databases and APIs, including the Jakarta NoSQL specification. 

Otávio is also the representative of SouJava, the Brazilian Java Users Society, on the JCP and Jakarta EE boards. He has helped the direction and objectives of the Java platform since Java 8.

Otávio is a JUG leader, instructor, and mentor. Focusing on helping developers grow their careers, Otávio has authored articles and books about software architecture, Java, good practices, software engineering, software design, and the cloud.

As a global speaker, he has presented at the most significant international conferences such as JavaOne, TDC, and Devoxx. He volunteers and helps organize several Java User Groups and meetups around the globe.

Otavio is recognized for his Open Source contributions and has received many awards, including all JCP Awards categories and the Duke’s Choice Award, to name a few. Otávio is also a distinguished member of the Java Champions and Oracle ACE programs. 

Otávio loves history, economy, traveling, programming, and real-world languages. He speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, and French and is fluent in dad jokes.

Karina Varela
Red Hat

Karina Varela works with enterprise technologies for over ten years, and for the past years with focus on cloud-native technologies. She's currently part of the App. Services BU at Red Hat, and takes care technically of several products and managed services.

Her solid knowledge is built on field experience with development, architecture, delivery, and troubleshooting of customer's applications and enterprise cloud solutions used around the world. Karina became well recognized amongst the Java community for being an international speaker, writer, open-source contributor and manager of the biggest Java community of the world, SOUJava.

To check her content and get know her better, go to