Agile Agency - Trusting People to Get Things Done
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 6

We all understand development deadlines - though our responses to them vary wildly - plan, grasp, deny, avoid. Love them or hate them development deadlines are a fact of life in software - if we don't deliver then the technical core of growth is not functioning and growth - personal, team, corporate - cannot occur.

In this talk I explore how working to deadlines can be either a virtuous cycle where everyone takes responsibility and things happen naturally - or a deadly cycle where each step requires maintenance, failure involves finger-pointing and the effort to achieve anything at all astronomical. The difference? Giving staff agency and expecting them to act on it.

Andrew Piper
Diffblue Ltd

Andy is VP of Engineering at Diffblue, and was previously Head of Product Engineering at CBRE and the CTO of Push Technology Limited. Andy has more than 20 years of combined engineering and technology leadership, and extensive Java experience which includes time at BEA and Oracle. He holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Cambridge.