Design vs development, a never ending story

Front End

The clash between design and development is not simply just a clash between people who do different stuff, it’s a clash between two ways of solving problems within an organization. Designers and developers competing is a shame because both perspectives are important. Both teams are trying to create great products, and all concerns should be welcome if they support the goal.

In this talk we’ll take a look into the disconnection between design and development, the understanding how designers and developers work, the design-development gap and how to solve it.

Design Patterns
Design Principles

Laura De Winter


Laura is a digital designer and coordinator from Fectiv (part of Xplore Group). She strives to create a better world between design and development and also likes to do workshops, concepting and re-designing. She is also passioned about all things design like user Interface design, Design Systems, User Experience design, Interaction design, Enterprise UX, Design Workshops, Component based design, e-commerce, digital design, Design concepts, Wireframing, Design guidelines, Design documentation

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