GPT4All is an open-source software ecosystem that allows anyone to train and deploy powerful and customized large language models on everyday hardware. This talk will:
  1. Give a brief history of large language models
  2. Discuss the software stack required to make multi-billion parameter Transformer neural networks run on consumer grade CPUs
  3. Deep dive into the basic ingredients it takes build and deploy local large language models
  4. Give some broad level discussion around what it will take to have open source LLMs be as powerful as GPT4
Andriy Mulyar
Nomic AI
Andriy is the founder and CTO of Nomic AI - a venture backed start-up that is on a mission to democratize access to powerful artificial intelligence. Prior to Nomic, Andriy was an early engineer at RadAI where he trained multi-billion parameter LLMs to assist radiologists and a Ph.D. student at NYU's Courant Institute for Mathematical Sciences. He cares about making AI systems and the data they are trained on more accessible to everyone.