Let the Dinosaur Play! Automating the Chrome Dinosaur Game

Big Data & Machine Learning

Chrome Dino or T-Rex game is an addiction when there is no Internet Connectivity. Automating it is more addictive as you see it improving itself in each iteration. The possibilities with NeuralNet and Genetic Algorithms are endless. In this session, you will learn how the principles of NeuralNet and Genetic Algorithms are used in Automating the Chrome Dino Game and the future scope of learning these concepts.

Neural Networks
Learning Algorithms

Aayush Arora


Aayush is a Google Developer Expert and the co-founder of Roobits. An innovation strategist and Massachusetts Institute of Technology Bootcamper graduate, he brings 4+ years of experience in Web Development and specifically in Angular. Since, 2+ years, he has mentored around 1 lakh students across the globe for Udacity under Google Scholarship programs and 20+ startups under Pluralsight. Aayush has always been a prominent voice for FOSSASIA during GSoC and has been contributing continuously to the growth of the communities such as FOSSASIA, NASA, and CloudCV. He has a passion for solving Problems using Automation and is currently running his company in India.

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