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Jim Gough

Morgan Stanley

James (Jim) Gough is an Executive Director and developer at Morgan Stanley, where he is focused on building customer-facing API technology. A Java developer and author, Jim first became interested in Java during his degree program at the University of Warwick; after graduating, he became a member of the London Java Community. Community has remained central to Jim’s contributions, which include working on the design and testing of JSR-310 and serving on the Java Community Process Executive Committee for several years. Jim is a regular conference speaker and spent four years teaching Java and C++ around the world.

Benefits of Working on Open Source

Methodology & Culture

Many developers like the idea of contributing to Open Source and almost all developers are using Open Source technologies. Many projects like Maven rely on the contributions from developers working in their free time and are important to the stability of the Java Ecosystem. But what’s in it for me? Why should I get involved and what are the benefits from my contributions? Jim and Robert will present experiences from a variety of different projects such as Apache Maven, working with the JCP and contributing to Java itself. If you are thinking about exploring Open Source or wondering how to get involved this is the session for you.

Open Source
Apache Maven

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