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Robert Scholte


In 2011 Robert joined the Apache Maven team (between the releases of Maven 3.0.3 and 3.0.4). Since then he has been one of the most active committers on the project and has been the chairman for the last couple of years. Due to a partial overlap of the goals of Maven and the Java Platform Module System Robert has joined the expert group of JSR-376, better known as project Jigsaw. He has done most of the implementations for the Maven project to support the Java Modular System.

Apache Maven BOF

Java Language

This will be the third Apache Maven BOF in a row during Devoxx Belgium. These BOFs have always been the most succesful ones compared to other conferences. Based on last years discussion we've improved Maven by being able to show where every element in the effective pom is coming from. With the growth of the projects it can be quite hard to understand how Maven calculates the effective pom, hence this improvement should give more control.

Scheduled on Thursday from 20:00 to 21:00 in BOF 2

Maven Team
Apache Maven

Broken Buildtools and Bad Behaviors; The Maven Story

Programming languages

"Why is my build broken? Again?" We all recognize the frustrations when things are not going as planned. Software development just isn't that easy. But how do we solve the issue? In case you have full control over the problem, you'll be able to fix it yourself, hopefully. But in case you depend on something or somebody else it often results in temporary workarounds, in theory. In practice nothing is as permanent as a temporary solution. Over the last decade Maven has improved a lot, but still only a small percentage of the available features are used by the average developer. This session demonstates the evolution of Maven based on user experiences and explaining the proper solution for workarounds like "clean install".

Scheduled on Monday from 17:30 to 18:00 in Room 8

Build Tools
Apache Maven

Benefits of Working on Open Source

Methodology & Culture

Many developers like the idea of contributing to Open Source and almost all developers are using Open Source technologies. Many projects like Maven rely on the contributions from developers working in their free time and are important to the stability of the Java Ecosystem. But what’s in it for me? Why should I get involved and what are the benefits from my contributions? Jim and Robert will present experiences from a variety of different projects such as Apache Maven, working with the JCP and contributing to Java itself. If you are thinking about exploring Open Source or wondering how to get involved this is the session for you.

Scheduled on Thursday from 12:55 to 13:10 in Room 7

Open Source
Apache Maven

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