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Aparna Chaudhary


Aparna (@aparnachaudhary) is a Software Architect with special interest on backend development. She enjoys developing reliable and robust applications involving high volume of transactions. In her free time she likes exploring different tools ‘n techniques which allows her to select the right tool for the job at hand. Having worked on several uptime critical systems in the past; she believes that Operations is a shared responsibility. Every developer should invest some time to understand the software (mis)behavior in production.

Mathematical Optimization for Java Developers

Big Data & Machine Learning

Engineers love to solve problems. But sometimes unawareness of possibilities reduces the solution space. I've got a problem, HW capacity calculation. How to solve? I don't want to use Excel. In this talk I would like to give basic introduction to the concept of Mathematical Optimization; how you can use this knowledge to solve fun day-2-day business problems in Java. Machine Learning is fun not only for Data Scientists but also for Java Developers. Affinity to problem solving is sufficient; no prior knowledge of Machine Learning is required.

Machine Learning For Developers
Machine Learning Algorithms

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