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Elias Nogueira


Elias is one of the software engineer 's that love puta high quality into any applications. Help people and companies to deliver high-quality software end-to-end. He loves talking about the importance of testing in the earlier stages with developers and testers and with non-technical people to show the benefits of a development focusing on quality. He maintains all activities recorded on https://github.com/eliasnogueira/public-speaking

How to create a test architecture for web test automation

Front End

Automating tests on a web front end is not the most important level in the test automation pyramid, but it is critical from a user perspective. If it is not done with minimal architecture and good use of software engineering practices, we will have a lot of maintenance and abandonment of tests in this layer. A test architecture using Selenium WebDriver with the Page Object model; some design patterns; parallel execution for multiple browsers, using containers that can auto-scale and support a large test suite; and putting all this together in a test pipeline may be a good strategy for smashing the bugs and maintaining the high quality of your application. Learn more in this session.

Scheduled on Thursday from 12:55 to 13:10 in Room 4

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