Talks by Session Types

2022 Talks

Tech sessions of 50 minutes on a range of different technologies, practices and methodologies.
Building Smart Devices using Java on the Raspberry Pi - An intro to Pi4J.
Copilot to Cover: Why AI can’t replace developers with robots, but can make life better
Creating innovation portfolios in a leading European IT Solutions and Services Group
Data At Scale - 10 pitfalls holding you back bringing value from data at scale
Distributed applications - Better off with frameworks, Kubernetes, service meshes or all of them at once?
Ensuring traffic livability with artificial intelligence
Ever seen an astronaut riding a horse? Understanding and applying text to image generation models
Game of Loom: implementation patterns and performance implications playing with virtual threads
How I built the world’s most efficient deepfake detector with $100
Jakarta EE 10 - Simplicity for Modern and Lighweight Cloud Applications
Let's build together a microfrontends application combining multiple frameworks using Module Federation
“Multi-Player” Enterprise Applications: Why and How to Build a Collaborative UX
No more Xmx! - Adaptable Heap Sizing for Containerized Java Applications
Reality as code - How close are we at generating humans and it's environment
Repeatable scalable path to production for Java/Spring apps on Kubernetes
Streamlining large-scale Java development using Error Prone
What's in my AI? A Comprehensive Analysis of Datasets Used to Train GPT-1, GPT-2, GPT-3, GPT-NeoX-20B, Megatron-11B, MT-NLG, and Gopher