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Dieter Hubau

Dieter is a Platform Architect at VMware Tanzu and acts as the trusted advisor for customers during their Digital Transformation. He has worked as a consultant, doing Java Web development, Platform Operations, hands-on Architect and as a team lead in various projects and programs. The last few years, he started to focus more on the bigger picture, thinking about methologies, tools and platforms and how to enable companies to deliver better software at a sustainable pace.

We will demonstrate how to easily develop, build and deploy modern Spring boot apps on Kubernetes. We'll use convention over configuration for the whole path to production; showing how you can deliver your apps continuously without being a Kubernetes expert. We'll show how to make apps k8s aware with Spring Cloud Kubernetes, how to do CI/CD with a full integration of open source components like Cloud native buildpacks and Flux/Tekton gitops.  Knative brings autoscaling ability and advanced deployment patterns like blue-green and canary deployments. Using Backstage as a developer portal enables faster developer onboarding and a one stop shop for all things related to the apps like runtime information, logging and (API) documentation.