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Adriano Campestrini

Adriano is a Service Delivery Manager at ARHS in Luxembourg currently helping the digital transformation in the financial sector. Passionate about software engineering and how we organise to build it, he accumulates experiences from having lived in 3 continents and from applying XP/Scrum/Lean/Kanban ever since (2003) Agile was far from the mainstream.

Nothing less than Sustainable Pace
Conference (BEGINNER level)
Room 10

Why are we, developers, very often running behind the schedule?

Why is the idea of sustainable pace so far from reality?

There is a clear correlation between these questions and the increasing complexity throughout software development life cycle - SDLC. Development-wise we have the tools to manage and prevent it, such as clean code and architecture. But why does that still happen even though we set these standards?!

Code is not everything in SDLC (unfortunately). In these session, let's go through some smells, other than code smells. We'll look to the big picture; what makes it unpredictable; what leads to unsustainable pace; and what we've been doing at ARHS to deal with that.