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Adriano Spadoni


Front End Chapter Lead @ ING Belgium. With over 16 years’ experience in software development, mostly with Front end technologies, throughout this time, I had the opportunity of be a speaker at Building Blocks Conf 2018 in Frankfort and work with groups such as ING Bank (present), Saatchi & Saatchi (2 years) and Publicis (1.5 years) and clients such as Nike, Electrolux, Nivea, L’Oréal, Coca-cola, Samsung, LG, Toyota, Lexus, Volkswagen, VeriFone, Gillette, Nivea, Ambev among others. Achieving two “site of the day” awards on THEFWA.

Who melt Chernobyl down

The series of events and human errors that caused the situation at Chernobyl to go out of control, the bad decisions that led to the disaster.

We talk from the perspective of the engineers, and the series of unfolding events. All wrong decisions has a why. To understand it, you have to put yourself on the shoes of the makers.

We analyse the series of factors that led people to take them and how we can relate and learn from them.

Tech Lead
Lead Developer

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