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Bart Van Bos

I am a SW developer that grew into a Solution Architect role, with a focus on Cloud Native Technologies, DevOps, Cloud, Kubernetes and Istio. Since 2019, I am focused on helping customers in complex Hybrid/Multi Cloud environments with their Cloud Native journey. Leveraging Istio, I preach the adoption of Zero Trust based principles, increasing the security, observability and manageability of complex application hosting environments. Having a background in SW development, Security Architecture and Infrastructure (including cloud), I am trying to bring those different skills and concerns together in a solution based on an Istio based Service Mesh.

Full professional profile available at https://www.linkedin.com/in/bartvanbos

Experience the Istio service mesh through hands-on exercises. In this tutorial, you’ll get up to speed with the most popular and most-used service mesh in production - Istio.

We’ll explain what a service mesh is and what makes it work (hint: it’s Envoy!). After the brief theoretical introduction, we’ll jump into practice, where you’ll learn how to install Istio, route traffic between different service versions, configure mutual TLS, and use observability tools such as Grafana, Kiali, and Zipkin.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll understand how Istio works and how to use Istio’s custom resource definitions to bend the mesh to fit your scenarios.