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Alberto Rios


Software Engineer interested in building products people love in agile environments with a focus on high-quality tests and clean code. At the moment, I am part of the Spring Engineering team at Pivotal working from Seville, Spain on a fully remote team. We are building Spring Cloud related products and frameworks to help people adopting a microservices architecture and improving the experience of Spring in Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes. I like to focus on Reliability, Continuous Delivery, and Testing tasks and I mainly commit to Java Open Source projects.

Kubernetes Distilled - an in depth guide for the busy Java developer

The Kubernetes hype train has reached full velocity and many organisations are now adopting the technology.

The Kubernetes ecosystem can be very operator focussed and it can be a challenge for developers to distil the information that is relevant for their job. There are a large number of available tools aimed at solving a broad set of problems but it can be daunting choosing which to invest in.

This deep dive sessions aims to provide developers with a thorough grounding on Kubernetes concepts, suggest best practices and get hands-on with some of the essential tooling.

Topics will include

  • Local development workflow
  • Approaches for building images from source
  •  Image Tagging Strategies
  • Using profiles
  • Deployment
  • Remote build services
  • Automated testing & Kubernetes
  • Debugging apps on Kubernetes
  • Provisioning a persistent data store with your application
  • Packaging your service as a Cloud Native Application Bundle
  • Health monitoring and management of running services
  • Log aggregation
  • TLS Termination
  •  Integrating with Kubernetes security
  • Externalised Configuration & Secrets
  • Service to Service communication & discovery
  •  Ingress Controllers
  • Observability of applications

Cloud Native Applications

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