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Vitaly Bragilevsky

Vitaly Bragilevsky taught Computer Science and Software Development for about 20 years. He admires programming languages and even wrote a book 'Haskell in Depth' about one of them. As a developer advocate at JetBrains, he is always eager to share his experience with JetBrains tools and technologies.

Fleet is on its way
Conference (BEGINNER level)
Room 10

Fleet is the next-generation IDE by JetBrains. It was born lightweight, inherently distributed, and with built-in support for remote development. Let’s see what Fleet is and how one could use it. We’ll go over Fleet’s main features, which include working with many programming languages simultaneously, remote collaboration, and Fleet’s ability to adapt and employ code insight solutions from JetBrains IDEs and LSP (language server protocol) servers available in your favorite ecosystem. Finally, we’ll check out how Fleet helps developers solve everyday problems and run their typical workflows.