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Arnaud Héritier

CloudBees, Inc.

Specialised in [software development and process automation](https://www.linkedin.com/in/aheritier), he has been contributing for many years to various open source projects such as [Jenkins](https://jenkins.io/), [Apache Maven](https://maven.apache.org/) and to various communities around Java and DevOps. Member of [Les Cast Codeurs](https://lescastcodeurs.com/) podcast (a french podcast dedicated to IT in general and Java ecosystem), he regularly speaks at various conferences, users groups and participates in the organisation of [Devoxx France](https://devoxx.fr/what-is-devoxx-france). In 2015, he joined [CloudBees, Inc.](http://www.cloudbees.com), the continuous delivery leader, where he is now managing the Support Tooling development activity.

Les Cast Codeurs Live

Mind the Geek

Les Cast Codeurs is a podcast made by | for | with developers. We’re talking about Java of course, but also about architecture, methodology, security, tooling, web and even about culture and society.

In short, about everything which is part of a developer's life. But most of all, we’re speaking french. So if you do speak french, feel free to join us for a live recording! And if you don’t, well… feel free to join us too! It only depends on how much you appreciate french people disguised.

Scheduled on Friday from 10:35 to 11:35 in BOF 1


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