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Horacio Gonzalez


Spaniard lost in Brittany, unconformist coder, dreamer and all-around geek. Software Engineer by day, leader of the FinistJUG, GDG Finistère and BreizhBeans communities by night, Horacio fell into web programming in 1997, and he has never left it. After some years as @warp10io frontend leader as Cityzen Data, Horacio currently works as developer advocate at OVH. He is the co-founder and leader of the FinistDevs (the French JUG & GDG the nearest to the Silicon Valley!). Horacio is a Google Developer Expert (GDE) en Web Technologies and Flutter. He loves web development in general and everything around Web Components and Polymer in particular.

I have deployed my app on Minikube... and now what?

Judging by the buzz it has created, this last year has been the year of Kubernetes. It is everywhere, and as usual with such popular subjects, there is a huge stash of content about it: tutorials, blog posts, talks by the dozen, everybody seems to be speaking about Kubernetes…

All is well in the best of worlds, right? Well, to be sincere, I wouldn’t say so… Most of those tutorial, posts and talks stop just after they have guided you to do the “Hello Kube”, when you have a handful of applications deployed on a local Minikube on your laptop. But that is not the end, it’s more of the true beginning of the path…

In this talk I’m going to speak about the gap between Minikube and a production-ready Kubernetes infrastructure, about the dozens of “small details” that become show stoppers the first time you try to deploy your production Kubernetes, about the usefulness of managed Kubernetes solutions, about vendor locking, about multicloud and Kubernetes federation.

In brief, about what to do after you have deployed on your Minikube…


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