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Vlad Ilyushchenko
I am a co-founder and CTO at QuestDB. I created QuestDB in my "basement" and now help the entire engineer team to make QuestDB even better. I am passionate about technology, high-performance engineering and solving problems. Prior to founding QuestDB I spent 15 years building low-latency financial systems.
Database Hacking 101: Building fast bulk import in Java + C
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 6

QuestDB is an open source time-series database with a focus on performance, written mostly in JAVA. The engineers at QuestDB use every trick in the bag to make sure their Time Series Database is as fast as possible. They recently explored how to speed up their CSV file imports, and ended up making extensive use of io_uring.

In this talk, Vlad Ilyushchenko (Co-Founder & CTO at QuestDB, and performance geek) will explain how they use io_uring to speed up CSV imports, why they use it at QuestDB and how much gain you can expect when adopting it. Lastly, Vlad will present benchmarks with io_uring as well as some of the implementation details.